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How to Make Money on STEAM: 8 Legit Ways to Earn in 2021

If you think there’s no money in video games, then I’m here to tell you: That is downright FALSE. It is pretty much my life’s mission to show you how to save and MAKE money doing what you love. So today, I want to give a shout out to all the gamers out there who are looking for ways to monetize their RPG, simulation, massive multiplayer, and/or strategy game addiction! Steam is one of the most vibrant online communities in the gaming world, which means that there are legit methods of earning money on this platform.

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How to Make Money With Your Hobby: 7 Easy Steps to Start TODAY

It’s the dream, right? You wake up, do something you love, and make money from it. But does it have to be just that—a dream? The answer is: no. Building a career or business around your hobbies is entirely possible and in fact, even more possible nowadays thanks to the infinite online marketplace. But in order to turn this dream into a reality, we need to ask, research, and answer a few key questions to get us started.

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15 Perfect Online Side-Hustles for Introverts to BOOST Your Income!

Nowadays, everyone knows that the best way to boost your income and savings is through side-hustles. The idea is simple: make money during that extra time you have between your full-time job. And as you know, I’m all about closing that gap between what introverts and extroverts earn. What’s even more inspiring is that many people have also turned their side-hustles into full-time jobs!

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7 Proven Reasons Why Introverts Make LESS Money Than Extroverts

Yes, it’s true. For the introverts out there, it comes as no surprise that our extroverted colleagues reap all the rewards in the workplace. Their accomplishments are recognized more, they’re able to easily win managers over, and their ideas are the ones that, far too frequently, drive discussions. But it doesn’t just stop here. In a 2015 study done by Truity Psychometrics LLC, extroverts also make more money than introverts.

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17 Perfect Jobs for Introverts that WON’T Drain Your Energy

Introverts need jobs like everyone else, but not all careers work WITH our personality type and many in fact work against it. We need jobs that suit us introverts and help us lead happier, healthier lives. Introverts by definition are people who recharge when they’re alone, and expend energy when they’re in social situations. So let’s take a look at 17 perfect jobs for introverts, so that you can escape your draining 9-5 and find one that suits your life and introversion better.