As I’ve stated elsewhere on the site, the whole mission behind Thrifty Introvert is to connect with other introverts who are on a similar path to financial independence as me!

If you’d like to connect, ask me questions, or have a suggestion about topics you’d like to see on the blog, please contact me using the form below. 

I would love to hear from you!


Guest Posting

I love connecting with other bloggers within the personal finance space!

If you’d like to guest post on Thrifty Introvert, first pitch 3 guest post ideas (headlines + topic). I’ll choose the one most suitable to my audience and niche and then you can sumbit it when ready.

PLEASE NOTE: I only work with personal finance sites that are run by genuine people with interesting things to say. No spammy sites! I won’t respond to those requests.

I reserve the right to make changes to the article and you may include 1-2 dofollow links back to your site.  🙂


SEO Optimization / Keyword Research

I do freelance keyword research, content planning, and on-page SEO-optimization for websites. If you’re interested in working with me, please reach out to me using the form below.